Violence, Conflict and Gender

This cluster is a dedicated intellectual and creative space for critical reflection on the gendered construction of violence and conflict. It is attentive to cross-cultural thinking on the nature of violence and covers a range of time periods. Much work in the cluster is centered on the cultural politics of representational practices in a range of genres including writing, performance, testimonial archives and visual culture. The cluster welcomes transdisciplinary interventions and approaches from a diverse set of perspectives including feminist theory and is particularly receptive to perspectives that challenge orthodox modes of thinking. The cluster meets monthly and alternates themed reading groups to public seminars given by cluster members or invited speakers.

Dr Caroline Williamson Sinalo (

Nicoletta Mandolini (

 Vittorio Bufacchi, Philosophy

Eva Cabrejas, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Emer Clifford, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Amanullah De Sondy, Religious Studies

Nuala Finnegan, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

David Fitzgerald, History

Alan Gibbs, English

Gert Hoffman, German

Cara Levey, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Jeanna Ni Riordain, French

Barra O’Donnabhain, Archaeology

Rola O’Neill, Adult Continuing Education (ACE)

Nicoletta Mandolini, Italian

Mae McSweeney

Silvia Ross, Italian

Adelina Syms, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Caroline Williamson, French

27th and 28th of March

Elephant Collective’s Exhibition “Picking Up the Threads: Remaking the Fabric of Care (Remembering Maternal Deaths)” (27th March – Aula Maxima 5.45PM) and Workshops on Obstetric Violence (28th March – Boole 1). Organised in collaboration with Women’s Studies. For more details see

19th April (3PM – ORB 1.24)

Dr Alan Gibbs (Department of English) will give a paper on “Violence, Determinism and the Beset White Male in Twenty-First Century American Television: The ShieldDexter and Breaking Bad“.

25th April (5PM – WW9)

Special Screening of Son of Man and presentation by Prof. Adele Reinharts”, with Amanullah De Sondy, Nuala Finnegan, Karl Kitching, Siobhan Dowling, Armida De La Garza, Caroline Williamson, Paul Colton.

In collaboration with Study of Religion, School of Asian Studies, CACSSS, Institute of Social Sciences in the 21st Century, Women’s Studies, Film and Screen Media, LGBT Staff Network.
1st May (5pm – ORB 1.14)
Caterina Peroni (University of Padova and activist within the Italian feminist network Non Una di Meno), Title TBC. In collaboration with the Department of Italian.
21st May (1pm – ORB 1.01)
David Mwambari (Ghent Univeristy) will give a talk on “Beyond Rhetoric: Women’s Participation in Post-Conflict Transformation in Africa”. In collaboration with the Department of French.

5 December 2017, 2-4 pm – West Wing 5 – Main Quad, UCC

Film Screening: Grbavica (Jasmila Žbanić 2006)

12 December 2017, 2-3 pm – ORB 1.45 – O’Rahilly Building, UCC

Open discussion: Use and misuse of online comments on the topic of gender racism and gender based violence

1 December 2017, 12-2 pm- The River Room – Glucksman Gallery

Trauma and Movement: A viewing into the creative process of Soldier Still

9 November 2017, 3-5pm – ORB 1.24

Violence, Conflict and Gender Workshop

24 October 2017 – ORB 1.24

Reading Group: Theresa O’Keefe (Sociology, UCC), ‘Policing unruly women. The State and sexual violence during the Northern Irish Troubles’ Members of the CASiLaC research cluster in Violence, Conflict and Gender and other researchers interested in attending are welcome.

22-23 May 2017

International Conference: ‘Representing Gender Based Violence’.

8 March 2017

Stef Craps (Ghent University), ‘Cross-Traumatic Affiliations’ and ‘The Trouble with Trauma’

10 February 2017

Silvia Ross (Department of Italian, UCC), ‘Textual Representations of Conflict in Tuscany: Regional Space, Identity and Gender’

14 October 2016

Reading Group: Kathie J. Phillips, Manipulating Masculinity. War and Gender in Modern British and American Literature

Friday 16 September 2016

Giampaolo Simi (author), ‘The Mirror Trap. Gender Violence Narratives from Classic Noir to Family Crime’