This cluster is a dedicated intellectual and creative space for critical reflection on the gendered construction of violence and conflict. It is attentive to cross-cultural thinking on the nature of violence and covers a range of time periods. Much work in the cluster is centered on the cultural politics of representational practices in a range of genres including writing, performance, testimonial archives and visual culture.

The cluster welcomes transdisciplinary interventions and approaches from a diverse set of perspectives including feminist theory and is particularly receptive to perspectives that challenge orthodox modes of thinking. The cluster meets monthly and alternates themed reading groups to public seminars given by cluster members or invited speakers.



Reading Group

The cluster meets regularly for themed reading groups. The latest one, held on February 26th 2019, focused on chapter 1, ‘Sex/gender violence’ (pp. 12-41) in Maria Eriksson Baaz and Maria Stern, Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War?: Perceptions, Prescriptions, Problems in the Congo and Beyond (Africa Now). Zed Books, 2013


Seminars and Workshops

The cluster organises regular seminars and work-in-progress presentations. Among the most recent are the talk ‘Representing Gender-Based Violence’ and the virtual flashmob performance against Gender-Based Violence, and the workshop ‘Sexual Violence(s): Between Past and Present, ‘A Conversation with Nqobizitha Vella’ for Equality Week, and David Fitzgerald’s seminar ‘Sexual violence, counterinsurgents and the legacies of Jean Larteguy’s The Centurions’.


Research Outputs

Recent Publications by our cluster convenors and members include Dr Caroline Williamson Sinalo’s Rwanda After Genocide , Prof Nuala Finnegan’s Cultural Representations of Feminicidio in the US-Mexico Border and Marina Betagglio, Nicoletta Mandolini and Silvia Ross (eds.) Rappresentare la violenza di genere.

An IRC New Foundations International Workshop