International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women: Programme of Events

In recognition of the International day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the CASiLaC’s research cluster on Violence, Conflict and Gender is organising a series of events:
Friday 1 December
 The River Room (Lewis Glucksman Gallery, UCC)
Open rehearsal and talk with Q&A
With Megan Kennedy, Jessica Kennedy and Tom Clonan
Directors and choreographers Jessica & Megan Kennedy, and performer Dr. Tom Clonan (former IDF soldier and Irish Times security analyst), will present an inside view of the rehearsal room of Soldier Still, providing the audience with a unique opportunity to observe creative process, and a glimpse into how choreographers and performers transfer words, experiences, emotions and trauma into movement material. This will be followed by the directors and Tom Clonan talking briefly about the work and process (showing images and video examples of Soldier Still) with a Q&A afterwards with the audience.
Co-organised by:
Research Cluster on Violence, Conflict & Gender (part of CASiLaC – Centre for Advanced Studies in Languages & Cultures at UCC) 
The School of Music and Theatre
NUALA FINNEGANnuala.finnegan@ucc.ie
JOOLS GILSONj.gilson@ucc.ie
Tuesday 5 December 
West Wing 5
SYNOPSIS Ten years after the ethnic conflict that left the city of Sarajevo in ruins, the widowed Esma and her adolescent daughter, Sara, struggle to survive in the post-conflict Bosnian reality. The tension between the present and the recent past emerges in the volatile relationship between mother and daughter, which comes to a boil over the issue of Sara’s paternity. Sara is desperate to know more about her father, whom Esma has assured her was a war hero. Eventually, Esma has to reveal to Sara their shared traumatic past. 
Tuesday 12 December
ORB 1.45
The discussion will focus on online comments to the article “The portrayal of gender abuse is often misused in order to justify discriminatory and even racist speech”, published by Nicoletta Mandolini and Caroline Williamson inTheJournal.ie  http://www.thejournal.ie/author/nicoletta-mandolini-and-dr-caroline-williamson/5404/
Reference will be also made to Diane Abbott’s statement against abusive comments personally received before election http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/diane-abbott-racism-speech-commons-abuse-labour-mp-a7838206.html
All events are open and free of charge