Elsina Caponetti (IRC - Government of Ireland PhD Scholar)


Elsina received her BA in European Literary Cultures from the Università di Bologna and her Licence en Lettres from the Université de Haute-Alsace in 2018. She received her MA in Italian Studies from the Università di Bologna in 2021, with a dissertation in Dantean Literature and Philology, supervised by Prof. Giuseppe Ledda, which focused on the representation of corporeality in Inferno considering the relationship with the Virgilian model and a corpus of medieval vision literature texts.


In September 2021, Elsina was awarded the “Eduardo Saccone PhD Scholarship” by the UCC Department of Italian. Here, beyond teaching Italian language to undergraduate students and evening classes, she started a doctoral research project focused on Dante’s Commedia and medieval vision literature, with a special focus on the Irish tradition.


Her research project entitled «Mirabilis visio: Dante’s Commedia and Irish Vision Literature» is supervised by Dr Daragh O’Connell and in September 2022, it received funding by the Irish Research Council for a period of three years.




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