Dr Federica Coluzzi


Federica Coluzzi is Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow (2020-23) at the University of Warwick with a project titled Dante’s Transnational Female Public in the Long Nineteenth Century (1789-1921) which will provide the first systematic inquiry into the historical formation and development of Dante’s modern female audience in Britain, Ireland and Italy. Her research encompasses reception theory, Dante studies, intellectual history, and the history of publishing and reading in the long nineteenth century. She is the outreach editor of Bibliotheca Dantesca: Journal of Dante Studies.

The project has been presented in a Interview with Dr Matthew Threherne for the Leeds Dante Podcast (https://open.spotify.com/episode/0lihne7v9cX8yBAiMhCU35 ).

Prior to that, she was Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Cork where she was completing her monograph Dante Beyond Influence: Rethinking Reception in Victorian Literary Culture forthcoming with Manchester University Press (2021). At UCC she was the co-organiser of the Italian Department Research Seminars and of the first Cork Italian Film Festival. She participated in the organisation of the Dante Public Lectures Series along with Dr Daragh O’Connell and Dr David Bowe. She delivered a workshop session for the 2020 edition of Cork Discovers along with Dr David Bowe on Dantean Afterlives.



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