European Thought and Global Inspiration

This cluster is dedicated to the critical reflection of European traditions of literary, philosophical and aesthetic thought and writing in a way that highlights how their protagonists’ ideas were borne out of their interwovenness into a European and global context of creative exchange. Inspired by others they emerged as intellectually creative originals, and unfolded as great individuals an enormous impact far beyond their respective fields throughout Europe and worldwide. They demonstrate how the intellectual recourse to national identity pools of political, cultural or even linguistic and disciplinary provenance rather appears as a productive fallacy and fiction which as such eventually fuels the ongoing progression of human inspiration as an open dynamic. We organise and convene lectures/workshops/postgrad seminars about the European impact of eminent figures of French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese and English (etc.) Schools of thought and writing, or indeed about their global sphere of influence and inspiration.

Dr Gert Hofmann (

21-22 June 2018

Literature and Philosophy – 1st International PhD Workshop

Lecture series on European Thought and Global Inspiration

25 January 2018

Dr. Mary Noll Venables – Mutable Luther

2 April 2017

Dr Sardar Aziz – Iraq As a European Tragic Idea.

16 March 2017

Dr Barbara Siller – Utterances, Speech Genres and Heteroglossia. Mikhail M. Bakhtin and the Idea of Dialogism.

23rd February 2017

Dr Daragh O’Connell – Giambattista Vico and the Imagination of History

2nd February 2017

Professor Paul Hegarty – After the event, Heidegger’s political advocacy and silence in the 1930s

19th January 2017

Dr Manfred Schewe – The Global Brecht

1st December 2016

Dr. Hans Walter Schmidt-Hannisa – Freud and the Humanities

19th May 2016

Dr. Lutz Hagestedt – The Void and I. Gottfried Benn’s Poetry of Thought and the Intellectual Wasteland after the European Catastrophe

28th April 2016

Dr Liliane Weissberg – Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem

11th February 2016

Dr Nikolai Preuschoff – On “Sürrealismus.” Walter Benjamin in Paris