CASiLaC Multiple Book Launch 2018

Last Friday, CASiLaC had the honour to host a collective launch of the excellent research works that were published by members of the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures in the past year, a well-deserved celebration of the many research achievements of our colleagues.

Congratulations and thank you to all involved!


Here is the list of publications launched, along with pictures of the evening:

P. Crowley (ed), Algeria: Nation, Culture and Transnationalism 1988-2015 (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2017)

P. Crowley (ed.), Studies in Travel Writing Special Issue titled ‘Travel, Colonialism and Encounters with the Maghreb: Algeria’, 21: 3 (2017)

J. C. Barnes & D. O’Connell (eds.), Dante and the Seven Deadly Sins (Dublin: Four Courts, 2017)

D. Brennan & N. Finnegan (eds.), Rethinking Juan Rulfo’s Creative World: Prose, Photography, Film (Oxford: Legenda, 2017)

L. Rascaroli, How the Essay Film Thinks (Oxford: Oxford UP, 2017)

D. Miranda-Barreiro & M. Veiga, Galicia 21. Journal of Contemporary Galician Studies, Issue G (2016-2017).

A. Sorrentino, M. Rössner, D. De Michele & M. G. Caponi, Pirandello e un mondo da ri-disegnare (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2017)

D. Miladinović & M. Collins (eds.), SCENARIO: Journal for Drama and Theatre in Foreign and Second Language Education, Vol. XI, Issue 02 (2017)

M. Ender, I. Fürhapter, I. Kathan, U. Leitner, B. Siller (eds.), Landschaftslektüren. Lesarten des Raums von Tirol bis in die Po-Ebene (Bielefeld, Transcript 2017)

M. Howard & P. Leclercq (eds.), Tense-Aspect-Modality in a Second Language. Contemporary Perspectives (Amsterdam /Philadelphia: Benjamins, 2017)

J. Crutchfield and M. Schewe (eds.), Going Performative in Intercultural Education. International Contexts, Theoretical Perspectives and Models of Practice (Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2017).